Our actions then must speak of God’s love. What does this mean?
This means that we must serve God by serving others. Jesus always said that He came not to be served, but to serve. But why must we help others?
Because in reaching out to one another, we reach out to God. God says, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do it unto me.” When we help others, we are serving God. So, it could be anything from helping your mummy at home or helping your sisters/brothers, your friends to reaching out to those you don’t know also – like helping someone on the street, in church, in school – who you may not know.

A story in the life of Mother Teresa:

One day, Mother Teresa cleaning the wounds of leper. While she was doing her act of charity a businessman was passing by. He saw Mother Teresa removing the worms from the leper’s wounds and was so filled with disgust that he turned his face and walked away from the scene. After Mother had finished with the leper, the man went up to her and said
Businessman: Mother, if anyone gave me even a million dollars, I would not do what you just did! The sight is so disgusting. I could almost throw up! How could you do this?
Mother Teresa: In this man, I see the face of Christ and that impels me to reach out to him.

The businessman went away silently. The truth almost struck him in the face. If only he could see God in others without being so full of himself. Money isn’t what we are expected to give God – more importantly, it is our time and talent to God in serving others.
In the Church, how can we serve God?

Among all “servants” – those who serve, the religious (i.e. priests and nuns) have a really special relationship with God. They truly dedicate themselves to the service of others.

And how can we say so? Because they leave their family and friends behind to actually “Serve God” without any distractions. Jesus calls each one of us to “work in his vineyard”  – do not be afraid to ask Jesus to help you to serve Him better!

But now as a child, what can you do in Church to serve Jesus?
Be an altar server, join the choir, volunteer to read at mass, join a prayer group (Junior Legion of Mary).

As an adult you can join Sunday school as catechists, join choirs, prayer groups and other voluntary social service groups.

Every little act you do, do it for Jesus and He will come close to you everyday.