How do you know God loves you? What’s the proof?

The Bible tells me! In the book of creation, Genesis, we have the biggest proof – that God created me in his own image and likeness!
Not only that, but when we sinned and turned away from him, He never ever left us. Instead, He sent his only son, Jesus to die for me. There isn’t a religion today that tells of a God sending his own Son for us!
And he continues to care for me and love me! He is our Good Shepherd, watching over us his little sheep all the time.

So question is how do we love God in return? How can we show Him that we love Him too?
We can show Him our love by receiving Him as often as we can in the sacraments, because that’s where He comes to us the closest ever!  He waits for us to come to Him and to receive Him in Holy Communion.

However there is a catch here! We cannot receive him in Holy Communion if our hearts are not clean…we must clean our hearts in the sacrament of reconciliation/confession.

Do you call guests or friends over to your house, and keep your house dirty?  In the same way, Jesus cannot come and stay into an unclean heart. Also, try to meet Him more often in the Blessed Sacrament – where He is present too!
Like reading to know Him more closely in the Bible, you must try to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament and spend time talking with Him.

They say, to judge a tree – if its good or bad – you look at its fruits. If its fruits are nice and yummy and juicy, the tree is healthy. But if the fruit is not good, then the tree is not good. So also, if we are filled with the love of God and his goodness, it will reflect in our actions.