Babies have soft and sensitive skin. There’s nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Hence it is very important to take utmost care to keep their skin safe especially from rashes and bumps. Most of the times babies get rashes due to some types of diapers or pampers which are not suitable for their skin. Sometimes rashes can occur if you use products like soaps, cream, etc that are not suitable or advised for baby’s soft skin.

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Here are some home remedies that can help you keep your baby’s soft skin safe.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe has natural hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. One should use aloe extract by breaking a leaf in half. Aloe Vera is absorbed into the skin and provides the moisture to your child’s skin.

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  • Natural Oil

Apply natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil on baby’s skin to keep it soft, healthy and safe.

  • Besan

Using Besan is a traditional Indian method for taking care of a baby’s skin. Besan also helps keep skin hydrated. Take besan and mix it with milk malai. Add some water for consistency. Apply it before bath and wash off immediately.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is very commonly used and known for keeping skin soft and moisturized. It locks in the natural moisture in the skin as well as acts as a rehydrating agent.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal has rich moisturizing qualities that helps soothe irritated skin and provides moisture and nourishment to the skin. The high amount of protein in oatmeal soothes a baby’s soft skin and helps preserve the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Happy Baby
Happy Baby

Other than these, dress your baby in cotton clothes most of the time as it helps the skin breathe as compared to other materials like silk, wool, polyester etc. and helps your baby’s skin stay moist. Frequently change your baby’s diaper to avoid rash. Keep your baby’s room cool and humidified to avoid dry skin.